Rhian Elycia Birnie is a professional artist based in Mildura,Victoria. She completed a Bachelor of Fine Arts graduating with a distinction and since then has immersed herself in the arts in both her career and personal life. Rhian is a full time art teacher and has just had her first solo exhibition at The Art Vault. She is currently working on her second exhibition collection and producing pieces for her new business. 

I find something quite captivating about certain creatures. The curve of an antler, the excessive ears of a jack rabbit, the forlorn stare of a moose. Not only do I aim to bring them to life, piece by piece, but to also detail certain characteristics such as the arrogant stance of the stag, the fragility of the deer and the quirky, erratic movements of a hare.

With a preference for working in small, fine detail, I look to enhance the creatures that inspire me and that I have a connection with. Each is chosen deliberately-a reference to a mood, a splinter of a memory or a recent inspiration. I aim to produce works which comprise not only of gentle, delicate imagery consisting of a soft tonal palette but to also create a surreal, zesty punch when viewed. I choose vivid and oversaturated colours that resonate with me to highlight the features I adore, and to, in a sense, incorporate a small piece of my personality into each one.

I aim to draw the viewer into a world of magnificent, statuesque creatures while adding a hint of humour by using colour to create a playful atmosphere.

If you have any questions, or would like to discuss a commission, please don’t hesitate to email me at rhianelycia@gmail.com